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Natures Quest

The products we put on our bodies are as important as what we put into our bodies. All Things Natural & Organic offers a large range of skin and hair care products that are free of harmful chemicals, and are gentle on the skin. We also have a range of products that can help to maintain healthy hair, skin and nails, and also products to address problems such as, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and itchy scalp conditions.

We also have a large range of Aromatherapy oil, massage oils, candles, incense and wheat packs and Micro Pets to help with your relaxing.

We also have a range of biodegradable and chemical free household cleaners to further enhance ones health and to protect our environment. We stock water filters units and replacement filters that help to reduce fluoride, chlorine, pesticides and heavy metals.

The following are some of the brands that we carry at All Things Natural & Organic

  • Akin-Alchemy chemical free skin and hair care
  • Natures Quest chemical free skin and hair care, laundry and kitchen
  • Melrose hair care
  • Naturestyle hair dyes
  • Atlantic Water based chemical free hair dyes
  • Springfields & Oil Garden aromatherapy – 100% essential Oils
  • Herbon bulk Dishwashing liquid
  • Weleda
  • Thursday Plantation
  • Martin & Pleasance
  • Renew
  • Kosmea
  • Bonivt Henna Hair dyes
  • Natracare pads and tampons
  • Ecosilk bags
  • Enviro bags
  • Cheeki stainless steel water bottles and food flasks
  • Ere Perez natural makeup
  • Zen
  • New Star Water Filters